An excellent and the most approved mechanism to rapid payments...
Quick and Easy!

Quick and Easy!

The most trustworthy, high-performance based, and ideal payment solution.

Get a Token, instead of filling all details each time

Now, get a unique ‘Token’ in order to skip filling the card details each time manually.

No hassle of setting one’s own merchant account

The client does not need to set their own merchant account once the deal is made.

Acceptance of the Credit cards of all kinds of banks

We facilitate our clients to provide their own consumers with flexible online payments.

Protection against fraudulence with the help of sound systems

We take highly guarded steps of prevention and rescue against unauthorized activity.

Swift Transact

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Our Payment Methods

We provide a wide range of different payment options that makes the payment process easy and hassle-free to our client's customers.

Token Payment

Make your payment procedure smooth and swift by getting a unique identifier or Tokens without getting your sensitive data being exposed.

Recurring Payment

Have a recurring payment method which is specially designed if you require to offer the payments through timely installments to your consumers.

Mobile Payment

Get an online equivalent version of POS terminal which is there to provide you with necessary resources through their easy access.

Email Payment

Accept card payments through online medium with a swift, easy and safe method of payment. This is how we execute the Email Payment.

Our Services

Swifttransact offers payment processing services which are a complete solution to connect globally, so that all kinds of B2B/B2C businesses flourish in their respective sectors.


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Credit Acceptance Products

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Risk Management & Fraud Protection

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