Ecommerce industries are on the rise these days and hence one needs to ensure highly secure payment mechanism due to growth of fraudulence with equal intensity. In this competitive world, a website must sound innovative, skillful, and expert in order to meet end users’ demands. It does involve specialization in transaction processing for local as well as international merchants with the help of acquiring banks. There won’t be any hassle of setting your own merchant account and you are good to go within a short while.

Credit Acceptance Products

We offer flexibility when it comes to accepting Credit cards of all kinds. We allow our client merchants offer a variety of online transaction facilities to their consumers. The merchants may then enjoy payment processing anywhere and anytime. We also offer professional help desk 24/7 in order to provide our clients much needed support.


Swifttransact’s online portal for payment enables the existing iPad, Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone into a Virtual Point Of Sale terminal and that too without costing any extra bucks. One does not need to install some kind of software after the login. The merchants have the facility of transaction reports optimization, and can also run the Telephone/Mail Order and recurring transactions. The transaction results could also be seen in real-time by the merchants. The business’ growth could hence be measured by going through the case studies.

Recurring Payment

For those merchants who sell their products and services on installment (monthly or yearly) basis through memberships, recurring payment is of use to them. There is a rebilling interface that manages the payment intervals which is flexible when it comes to cancellations and immediate refund (if required) with ease. The transactions could be done either by recurring payment gateway or direct integrated posting.

Token Payment

In order to speed up the online transaction procedure, Token payments help customers without have to re-enter the Credit Card information themselves each time they check-out. The payment details of the consumer is not saved to the network, but instead the method uses a unique identifier (a Token) which can’t be logically reversed, but still serves the purpose of payment with just a mouse-click.

Email Payment

A safe, swift, and comforting method so as to request and accept the online card payments. In this case, you need to simply send a link of payment to your consumers via email and enable them pay for the products/services you offer to them, once they redirect to the relevant page.

Risk Management & Fraud Protection

The fraudulence is never going to stop, so do our security measures! So, we help quickly detect the issue and fix whatever is there, without letting the consumers suffer. In addition to this, there is no requirement of software installation, which makes hassle-free and quick online payments. Instead, you have to link yourself to us, begin taking your orders and accept the payments. We will perform the rest of work. Our fraud management solution helps merchants with:
1. Detecting genuine orders quickly, thereby ensuring positive consumer experience.
2. Minimizing the operational costs by minimally using the manual reviews and quickly denying the fraud processes.
3. Preventing fraud loss even before it begins.
Swifttransact strives to optimize the fraud metrics so that the safety at both the sides merchants as well as end-users is well ensured. We keep up to date protective measures against any kind of suspicious activity. Our security schemes include CVV2, IP Blocking, AVCS, Blacklisted Card, Velocity Checks, and Negative Database Scrubbing. We know that these schemes are must to ensure safety of all kinds.

Reporting & Reconciliation

Swifttransact facilitates comprehensive reporting in order to make the management go smooth in terms of payment processing operations.

Swifttransact Web Management Screen
We facilitate our client merchants with an easy access of their own backend site, where they would be logging in online, anywhere, and anytime! The Web Management Screen provides an easy-to-use and user-friendly online interface to manage and configure the payment processing services. It allows the following:
1. Supervise every transaction that happens in real-time.
2. Make your payment lifecycle crystal-clear end-to-end, and that must also involve fee settlement.
3. Access the payment activities at order and summary level.
4. Search for transaction and receive all details.
5. Create and manage recurring billing accounts.
6. Manually process the order payments of phone calls/mails by configuring and accessing a virtual terminal.