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Data Accuracy
We make significant efforts in never providing any wrong information, and due to this we make sure that all kinds of contents provided on the site are error-free. We make no warrantees of the data’s one hundred percent accuracy on the site’s any webpage(s). One, therefore, might find slight inaccuracies. We do update the site at times and hence the errors would be fixed, once observed by us, OR through those who have noticed and informed us through our customer care.

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Reviews, Testimonials and Feedbacks
We always look forward to make a positive change within our organization. We cooperate with our customers and clients when it comes to express themselves and make relevant changes, if needed. One could also find certain types of comments or feedbacks (probably on third party sites) that are irrelevant and simply mean to defame us. Those who consider the comments, whether negative or positive, as a basis to decide whether they must continue purchasing is solely upon them. We suggest you to decide wisely.

It is possible that some issues arise and never seem to subside, despite of us getting too much involved and trying to make a fair decision. In such a case, we will approach for court orders. Both the parties will then have to settle down with whatever decision is made as a fair judgement, whether or not it seems in one’s favour. The law will be in accordance with Singapore, and so everything would have to be followed accordingly, whether it is about giving the physical presence, or providing the evidences, witnesses, and so on.

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